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Slideshow: These images are details from paintings created by teenagers in DARE Network's Teens for Kids program

ARE Network is a community-based grassroots organization providing culturally appropriate treatment and prevention programs to reduce substance abuse and associated societal problems within the communities of the refugee and displaced ethnic people from Burma, along the Thai-Burmese border.




History of DARE Network           

DARE Network is the first and remains the only organization that comprehensively addresses substance abuse within the refugee and migrant populations along the Thai/Burmese border.

The military government of Burma is a world leader in the production of opium, heroin and methamphetamines. The proceeds from this trade not only fuels the economy but also enables the government to work systematically to eliminate the ethnic peoples of Burma.

The military government of Burma aggressively promotes an agenda that inflicts murder, violence, forced labor, and rape on its people while limiting opportunities for education and employment. To cope with the daily traumas, poverty and extreme losses, many people have become substance dependent.

In 2000, after witnessing the atrocities committed against the ethnic people of Burma and the subsequent social problems associated with alcohol and drug dependence along the Thai/Burma Border, a Canadian Addiction Recovery specialist in cooperation with leaders of local ethnic groups felt compelled to make a change in the situation.

Together they developed a plan to address the growing problem of substance abuse within the displaced ethnic communities of Burma.

In October 2001, DARE Network, known at the time as Community Addiction Recovery and Education (CARE), trained addiction workers from Karen, Karenni and IDP communities.

This first training in Mae Sariang taught skills to local community addiction workers based on traditional eastern and modern western approaches. Concurrently, DARE Network built centers in Mae La Oon, Mae Ra Moe, Mae La, Umpiem, Noe Poe camps, and in one IDP camp. With the completion of the training and construction of the DARE Network Centers, community addiction workers began inaugural recovery treatment, prevention and education sessions.

In 2002, DARE Network moved its offices to Mae Hong Song, where training was conducted for another year in the Karenni camps and to migrant Wa, Palaung, Lahu, Shan and PaO community addiction workers. In 2003 the main DARE Network office moved again to Mae Sot. During this year, DARE Network conducted its training inside Mae La camp, the largest of Thailand’s refugee camps.

In addition, the DARE Network Migrant Village Center was opened in nearby Po Prah, where health and labor rights issues for displaced peoples may be addressed. The Center serves as a hub for migrant workers to come together as a community and attain access to services otherwise unavailable.

With a strong treatment program in place, DARE Network developed the DARE for All program to further promote education and prevention. In 2007 the DARE Network joined Ruammit Foundation for Youth and was formally recognized as a foundation, Ruammit DARE, by the Royal Thai Government Ministry of the Interior. With DARE Network’s new status, the organization continued to expand its capacity by introducing family based programming in addition to youth specific programming.

In 2015, with a staff of over 60 addiction specialists in the field , DARE Network is able to reach more people in need than ever.  The past 15 years have seen over 3,000 people treated in intensive 3-month inpatient detox programs, with a greater than 70% success rate against relapse. And each year, DARE’s education outreach provides prevention aid to over 20,000 camp inhabitants who are at risk for addiction.

The new Step Back to Burma program launched this year will deliver these services across the border to the Karen state within Myanmar, reaching many thousands more in the ongoing effort to stem the growing tide of addiction. 



https://www.globalgiving.org/projects /the-amazing-project-stepping-  back-to-burma/





Friends of DARE         

Friends of DARE, as a non-profit Canadian charity, wants to encourage other Canadians to learn about the plight of the Burmese people.  Friends of DARE wishes to support the efforts of the displaced people of Burma to help themselves prevent and treat substance abuse, which is a result of the oppressive and dangerous situation within which they live Learn more. 

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