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Want to see DARE in action? Click on the photo to access DARE Network's photo galleries.

DARE Network is grateful for the assistance we have received over the past 8 years.

Current Funders

  • Canada Fund for Burmese Refugees
  • Primate World Relief and Development Fund
  • Refugees International Japan
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Thai Oilman's Charity
  • Rotary International (Chiang Mai Thailand and Stratford Canada)
  • Friends of DARE Network (Canada)
  • Canadian NGO Committee

Special Donations

  • Gael MacLean
  • British Columbia Government Employees Union
  • Bangkok Soi Dawz Ultimate Frisbee Team
  • Ultimate Points
  • Singapore Hat Tournament
  • Dr. Michael Smith, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
  • Spirits Call Choir
  • Rights & Democracy-Montreal

Individual Donors

  • Patricia Phillips and Andy Thomson
  • Jane Edmonds
  • Frances Rogers

Past Funders

  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees
  • Norwegian Church Aid
  • Burma Relief Centre
  • Charles H. Ivey Foundation
  • Canadian NGO Committee
  • Netherlands Embassy
  • World Aid
  • Australian Volunteers International

Local Volunteer Trainers

  • Sivalee Kasemsilpa – Traditional Massage
  • Htun Htun Oo – First Aid/CPR
  • Dr. Hussein – Burmese Herbal Medicine
  • Daw Jacki - HIV
  • Saw Wingate – Manual Development
  • Karen Women’s Organization – Gender Based Violence
  • Karenni Women’s Organization – Gender Based Violence

Thank You to all of our International Volunteers over the years. DARE Network would not be able to continue without your contributions of time and skills.