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Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in the Refugee Camps

February 21 , 2010

One component of the DARE Network Teenagers for Kids program is Ultimate Frisbee. On February 20-21, DARE Network hosted the Inter-Refugee Camp Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. This was a great opportunity from youth from 2 neighbouring camps to convene for a day of competition and fun.

Due to the limited amount of equipment and accessibility of the game, Ultimate Frisbee has grown in popularity and is now played in 8 of the refugee camps along the Thai/Burma border.

It is DARE's hope to convene an Ultimate Frisbee tournament for youth of all 8 refugee camps. The travel and food costs to bring all of these youths together is huge.

Urgently Needed: $4,000 for Ultimate Frisbee Inter-Camp Tournament. One component of the DARE Network Teenagers for Kids program is Ultimate Frisbee.

Please consider making a donation to support this unique opportunity for youth across the 8 camps. To learn more about the Teens for Kids program and view the 2010 budget click here.

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Refugees International Japan Visits The Thai-Burma Border

February 11 , 2010

One of the projects we visited on our recent visit to the Thai-Burma border is a programme addressing the problems of addiction in the refugee camps. We met teams of people working with DARE, the organisation running the project and heard their stories. I was told the story of one prevention worker. His home in Karen state, Burma, was attacked by soldiers who raped and killed his sister. In his anger he joined the Karen army but he stepped on a landmine and lost his leg. When people were forced over the border in 1996 he was alone and lost and ended up living under a tree for several months. Then he began drinking. DARE case workers encouraged him to attend the Treatment Centre and he has been working with DARE since then. Another trainer told us his story – how he escalated from alcohol, smoking and betel nut to abusing opium and amphetamines too. If he could not get a cigarette his anger turned to violence. In 2000 he attended a workshop run by Pam of DARE, but he was not convinced and would go outside for a drink during breaks. He was finally persuaded to go through treatment and the pain turned to relief and gave him freedom. I am always impressed by the openness and honesty of everyone involved in DARE. This is clearly encouraged and the reason for their success with 60% going on to full recovery. They are role models, providing the people in their community with hope – creating activities for now and building for the future. More soon, Jane Best CEO

by: Refugees InternationalJapan



Staff Changes at DARE Network

February 20, 2009

DARE Network is excited to announce the addition of Tha Nay Htoo to the DARE Network staff.

Tha Nay Htoo is the new General Manger of DARE Network and is responsible for maintaining community connections and overseeing all operations at the DARE Network office in Mae Sariang.

Tha Nay Htoo is Karen but is a Thai citizen. He grew up on the Thai/Burma border. Tha Nay Htoo brings with him a wealth of knowledge in addition to speaking 4 languages; Karen, Burmese, Thai and English.

Ko Lo Htoo will be leaving DARE Network after working 8 years as the Program Coordinator for the organization. Under Kolohtoo's guidance and leadership, DARE Network expanded its impact and was able to increase the efficacy of service delivery.

Kolohtoo's wisdom and passion will be missed. We wish Kolohtoo the best of luck as he continues on in his journey.